"The specialists of production and processing gears..."

Gandini Race is a brainstorm of Nicola and Stefano, the owners of Gandini Ltd, a company specialized in gear manufacturing with more than 50 years of experience. The passion of the two owners for motorcycle racing has led to the realization of the project: production and marketing of the mechanical components for racing motorcycles and other sports motors. Particularly, Gandini Race is concentrated on engineering design and realization of the Sprockets and Gear Boxes. The continuous research and development of the technologies, that conduce quality improvement of the goods and satisfy the complex demands of the market, have been making the company more dynamic and performing. Gandini Ltd structured on the 2500 meters square surface has at its command a spacious equipment fleet of last generation and a complete warehouse of tools that permit it to offer to the customers the production of small and medium quantities. The continuous research and development of ever more advanced technologies to improve product quality and to meet the complex needs of the market, has made the company more and more dynamic and powerful. Gandini Gears is structure on 2,500 square meters surface, has a large fleet of last generation of a complete tool, which allows it to offer to its customers a production of small and medium quantities.


We are specialize in producing: •  STRAIGHT OR HELICAL GEARS, straight slotted gears- Internal gears • CHAIN GEARS: Standard and special on customer's specifics - External Convex Gear - BEVEL GEARS :  straight tooth gears or with Gleason spiral toothing - Motorcycles and classic cars gearbox gears. • SPLINED SHAFT  with finished profile, splined shafts with ground profile, splined shafts in special profile (on request) - Splined shaft DIN 5480 | DIN 5482 | UNI 220 | UNI 221 • SPECIAL PROFILE BROACHING on client specific request – splined broaching to DIN and UNI - Broaching to square and hexagonal profiles - Keyways broaching from 2 up to 100 mm length. Max 550 mm, Keyway slots Bottlenecks • TOOTHED PULLEYS RPP, HTD , STPD-, Toothed Pulleys AT , H, L- Toothed Pulleys MXL, T- Toothed Pulleys XH,XL -Poly Toothed Pulleys-V, Toothed Pulleys for V-belts, toothed pulleys on specific customer's request • STRAIGHT AND HELICAL RACKS • WORM GEARS AND GRIDING WORMS GEARSTURNING AND MILING - GRINDING GEARS